Champion Family Dedication

In the early 60's my father (Lawrence Champion) became a member of the Clinton Fire Department. Shortly later the Chief who was Daniel Vece Jr. purchased a bundle of license plates from the Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department labeled CFD-1 thru CFD-50, and offered them to the members of the department. Lawrence chose CFD-19, the CFD for the Clinton Fire Department and 19 for my birthday.

In October 2007 my mother (Luella Champion) wrote a letter to the current fire Chief and contacted Daniel Vece Jr. regarding transferring the CFD-19 license plate to her son Andrew Champion (Me).

Daniel Vece said it would not be a issue, because Andrew was a Junior and a active member of the Clinton Fire Department. In December 2007 we received a letter from Deputy Chief Brian Manware also my neighbor, stating that there would not be any issues transferring the CFD license plate over to Andrew.

So January 2008, I told my mother (Luella Champion) that I would be creating a website in the name of CFD-19 to show my appreciation to the Clinton Fire Department and you and dad. She told me that dad and her would "Love" that. So I started looking for a design that would work for what I wanted. By the end of April 2008 I found 1 of 3 designs.

In May 2008 I needed to attend to my mother's needs as she was dying, and could not write any more information for this website. She was put into the Hospice care in December 2007 shortly after Lawrence Champion's passed on September 4, 2007. On June 8, 2008 she passed away early in the morning.

At this time my personal and business life fell apart, and I needed to get back on feet. So after many, and many painful days, nights and allot of tears this website became to be, today it still makes me very sad and teary eyed to view and know that I, personally typed all this information. I made a Promise to mother that I would create the site, and keep it upto date, and it has given me allot of peace to create this site.

As of November 2009 the CFD-19 License plate is a active plate with my local Fire Department including a Lieutenant's plate

So this is how CFD-19 came about.