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Mar 09, 2009

My sincere sympathy goes out to you and your family. I had not realized your mom also, had passed on as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your parents. I miss your dad's smiling face and your mom was always such a warm, welcoming person. It's too bad so much time has gone by and there was a distance between us (my father and yourselves). Please know that my thoughts and feelings haven't ever been a reflection of the relationship they had. Your parents were always so nice to me and the same respect was given back to them in return.
I miss your parents. I remember as a child your dad was always a joker and liked to tease us with his silliness and in return made us smile.
Keep their memory alive by always remembering the special times you've shared together throughout your lifetime. May God Bless you all.

P.S. This website is a wonderful tribute to your parents. You've done a great job.

Denise (Platt) Martin and family


Jan 23, 2009

Dear Andrew & Kim,
What an incredibly beautiful tribute to your parents/in-laws. How proud they must be of you both, knowing your deep love and devotion to them.
I witnessed your dedication during Luella's illness. The three of you, Andrew, Kim and Saxon, were her world. Saxton always by her side, day and night, always Luella's protector.
Although Luella was critically ill when I knew her it was clear to me how much she loved you all. She had the spirit of 10 people and was a special woman and a loving mother.
I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Champion, but Kim has shared with me the many wonderful qualities he had.
Andrew and Kim, you were lucky to have such wonderful people in your lives and they were just as lucky to have the two (three) of you.
A deep faith in God and the knowledge that you will see them both again will get you through this time of grieving.

All My Love,
Robin Lenehan


Dec 29, 2008

Andrew, we loved your mom and dad so much. Every time we were able to come to Connecticut, they were there with open arms-- to visit, to feed us, to house us, to love us. Oh, the fun and laughter we had over the cribbage games! And we had so many good times with them when they were able to come to Georgia. They were special people in so many ways and especially in loving our Mia. Mia wanted grandparents so badly, and Skip and Luella were more than willing to fill that loving role for her. Your mom and dad were two very, very special people.

With love, Judy Austin