Champion Family Dedication

We have posted the letter that we have sent to the Middlesex Hospital Hospice Unit. This letter took 2 months to write, as it reflects very personal feelings from the family.
They are a GREAT TEAM to be part of. All people listed below will never be forgotten, as of today Novemeber 2008 we are still in contact with them personally.

Dear Hospice Team, We want to thank everyone in the Hospice Homecare program that was involved in the care of my mother Luella Champion.

When she was admitted into the program in December, it was very difficult for us because we had lost my father just a few

months earlier to lung cancer; you had helped us through dadís illness as well. I canít even explain how wonderful

Gwen was with my mom, we couldn't have asked for a better nurse.

She was wonderful, compassionate, tough and direct when necessary.

She was a great sounding board offering experienced advice when we needed it most.

Even though my father was sick and passed while under hospice homecare he went very quickly and seemed to be 'ok' until his last 24 hours.

Mom on the other hand had much difficulty dealing with her illness; it was so comforting knowing that you were only a phone call away.

She was dealing with so many difficult situations.† She lost her husband, we moved her out of her home and she was dying.

She was angry and took it out on the people she loved the most. This is what we all tend to do.

Joan the social worker was amazing; she kept in touch and called to check up on us.

On a few occasions she came out to the house for meetings or just support.†

It was so apparent that the main goal of everyone wasnít just taking care of the patient but taking care of the family as well.

We had several aides that came in to help mom, we started with Robin and Shannon.

Unfortunately we lost Robin because she was hired to work in the hospice unit.† You are very lucky to have her full time,† I bet the patients love her.†

Shannon was with mom from when she first came home until she passed.

Each time Shannon came into the house regardless of what kind of a mood mom was in she managed to talk her into letting her do her hair or cooking for her.†

I remember one day when Shannon showed up and mom was clear that she didnít like living here and didnít want us around her anymore.

After Shannon spent a while talking to her mom said that it was really that she was frustrated being sick and didnít mean what she said.

Sometimes we just need someone else to help put it in perspective.† She even helped us move the hospital bed to make mom more comfortable.†

I wish we had thought of that earlier.† It was a perfect solution!†

The other regular aide we had for the last few months was Jodi, she was in training and had a lot to learn but we saw her making progress.†

There were a few other aides that filled in but I canít remember their names, they were only here once or twice.

Carol was a volunteer that came twice a week and just gave me a break to run errands or do yard work. † What a blessing this was since mom couldnít be by herself and we were afraid to walk up the driveway to get the mail. †

We were always afraid that she would have fallen if we stepped out of sight for more than a minute or two.†

Only people involved in the hospice program can image how overwhelming it can be at times.

We loved mom and will miss her more than we can imagine but we also feel like we can breathe again after not being able to for several months.

We also want to say thank you to the Chaplin that called and spoke to us when mom was struggling,

Kathy who was so supportive when mom was admitted into the program knowing that we had just lost dad. †

All the nurses that were on call, who either came out at all hours or called back and helped us by giving direction for changes in medicine or telling us what to say or do.

And of course the staff that answers the phones, page's the nurse, takes messages and does all the administrative paperwork.

None of these things could be done without each and every one of you.

What an amazing team!!! We appreciate it more than you will ever know. You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you and Kind Regards,

Kim and Andrew Champion